Ed-Tech Tools

Be intentional when you add new tools and resources to your current teaching situation. 

Palliser's Technology Team maintains the security and safety of the G-Suite environment for both our students and our staff. If you are utilizing a 3rd-party solution outside of G-Suite or those listed below, it is your responsibility to be knowledgeable of the security and privacy settings so you can set-up and maintain a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff.

The Palliser Tech Loaner Program provides opportunities for schools to try out various educational tech tools in their classrooms, without the need to purchase their own. These short-run loans can help boost learning engagement and opportunity in schools, and garner new interests for students.

Palliser relies on G-Suite for Education as our primary suite of tools. This includes all Palliser email accounts, unlimited storage in Google Drive, assignment and resource management with Google Classroom, video conferencing services through Google Meet, and document creation using Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Palliser teachers also have access to G-Suite Enterprise for Education tools which include unlimited Originality reports in Google Classroom and Assignments, and the enhanced features in Google Meet (recording, larger group sizes, etc) that were available during the spring.

All students within Palliser have access to the premium features of Read&Write, EquatIO, Fluency Tutor, and WriQ - assistive, literacy, and numeracy tools from Texthelp - through their Palliser Google account.

Other approved tools

The tools listed below are supported by Palliser and as such technical and training support is available. Staff and students should use their Palliser email address to login for access to these tools.  Contact Jason Kwasny for access information and with any questions or training needs.

A complete list of technology resources that are available to borrow from the Tech Team can be found here.

Classroom Activities and Suggested Tools

Discussion forums and Chat rooms 

The intent of a discussion forum or chat room is to provide an environment  for text based conversations among multiple people. Chat rooms can be used as a back-channel during a video conference or live streaming events (without fear of losing the chat when then event ends) or as an asynchronous learning tool.

Google Chat, Google Classroom, & Flipgrid

Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an online environment that is designed to host resources, managing the assigning and collecting of learning activities and assignments, and facilitating discussion and maintain communication.

Google Classroom, Moodle

Video Conferencing

Classroom uses for video conferencing include connecting with students who cannot physically be in class or with experts who would not regularly be accessible to your class (or both at the same time!).

Google Meet

Live Streaming

Live streaming is similar to video conferencing, without the direct interaction between the presenter and the participants, which is usually left to a back channel or chat room. Uses for live streaming in schools may include providing a video feed to a major event (concert, sporting event, etc) or to an event where input from the audience is not required.

Google Meet (internal only), YouTube Livestreaming


Classroom uses for screencasting include creating - (Teacher) instructional videos (for home viewing) - e.g. teaching an art or math concept, demonstrating printing, flipping your classroom; (Student) recordings of presentations for submission as evidence of learning.

Chrome OS screen recorder, WeVideo

Student Portfolios

Student portfolios are an opportunity for students to reflect on and demonstrate their learning over time.